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-= Important Message =-

We currently are not scheduling any residential jobs until March 2018.
Please except our apologizes while we use this time to implement improvements to our business.

In order for me to do the necessary business improvements and implement features in our business that will set us way ahead of the competition, I had to take a break from being in customers' homes 10-12hours a day.

The past couple years the business has been on auto pilot because of our busy schedule & had no time to implement services and features I wanted to add.
When I put a 91 hour week in at the end of May; I realized that I pushed the envelope too far. My health deteriorated & my stress sky rocketed. I had to change the way me & Katie were operating the business & it was now or never to implement these changes.

I realize that this is an "inconvenience" to some, but if I kept working 80-90 hours & not taking lunch breaks (that's mostly physical work in a hot, high humidity environment) it would of ended up killing me. I look at it as a small price to pay for the improvements to the services we offer.

I'm all about working hard and we're working things out so we work smarter & can provide the most upto date cleaning methods coupled with a level of attention to detail & excellent workmanship that I challenge any competitor to match.

We are also in the process of launching a commercial cleaning division. We are currently looking for someone to run that branch that has at least a year of experience in the cleaning industry. We need some one that's reliable, has a good work ethic & and just plain common sense. If you or anyone you know fits the bill, please have them send a resume to

Thanks to everyone for understanding why we needed to do this,
Brandon Reilly - co-owner of Reilly's Carpet Cleaning

To our past residential customers: I've always gone into every job providing the best service possible for years. Now is your time to be selfless. We need online reviews on Google. In the past it was more of a novelty. Now, Google takes into account which businesses to recommend based on reviews. We have great word of mouth in the community, but every one has a smart phone & lack of reviews now have financial implications. Click here to leave us a Google Review

We Thank you & Appreciate your patience during this "restructuring phase" and will see you in 2018!

-Brandon & Katie Reilly

To our commercial clients: It's still business as usual & we will continue our routine maintenance schedule and will give ample notice if we need to adjust any appointments.

Estimator Program

Reilly's Carpet Cleaning is was a owner/operated business that has had over 30 years serving the Dunkirk/Fredonia area providing exceptional quality & attention to detail.

Does your current cleaning company REALLY do a thorough cleaning? Owner/Operator Brandon Reilly uses 14+ years of experience, education, chemistry and attention to detail to properly clean your furniture & floors.
Unlike other cleaners,

-We don't push more water through the carpet in a desperate attempt to clean your carpets.
-We don't use a diesel powered truck mount that pollutes the environment with tons of exhaust gasses.
-We don't claim a rotary cleaning attachment is a better alternative than a standard wand (Every job is different & it takes experience to know which tools to use in all situations.)
-We don't do sloppy rushed work & complete jobs in 30 minutes.

What Reilly's Carpet Cleaning does however is,
-We use education, chemistry, experience and hard work to properly take care of and clean your carpets, oriental rugs, upholstery and hard surface flooring.
-We use the most popular truck mounted cleaning machine in the industry. It's reliable, fuel efficient and most importantly provides more than enough power to clean any size job we encounter. Remember, it's not the machine, it's who's performing the work that really matters
-We use both rotary and standard cleaning wands as each job is unique and it takes experience to know which tool is the right tool for the job. Some cleaners claim rotary machines offer a more "thorough" cleaning by cleaning all side of the fiber. This assumption doesn't use any logic. Take a look at our Before & After pictures to see that we definitely clean all side of the fiber regardless of the tool used.
-We take our time to make sure the job is done right.
-We are constantly keeping an eye on the market & adjust prices accordingly. I'll be honest, we aren't the "cheapest" or do we try to be. We charge a fair rate that allows us to stay in business while still providing excellent value.

Cleaning Service Checklist

We've created a "Cleaning Checklist" that you can use to help make an informed decision when selecting a cleaning service. We want you to shop around and do due diligence when selecting a company to come into your home or place of business. Avoid poor workmanship and bait & switch cleaners by not basing your descision solely on price. Carpet cleaning trucks, equipment and the multitude of cleaning solutions are expensive and any cleaner who charges $50 for a whole house can not possibly do a good job & stay in business.


  check box Who is the cleaning technician that will be coming into your home & do they have the knowledge & experience to do the job right?
  check box Does the company you intend to hire use a truckmounted cleaning system utilizing Hot Water Extraction?
  check box Do they rinse the carpet or run a cleaning chemical through their wand without a rinse?
  check box Have they been certified by the IICRC?
  check box What is the business's standing with the Better Business Bureau?
  check box Are they insured?

Below are my (Brandon's) answers to the above checklist/questioner.
If you have additional questions please contact us at: 679-4546 (Katie Reilly - The Boss)
You can also send a TXT* to 672-9226 (Brandon Reilly - The Cleaner).
*During the day I'm either in customer's homes or driving to a customer's home. Responses to TEXT messages can incur delays of 2-3 hours if I'm in the field.

  check box Reilly's Carpet Cleaning is owner / operated. So you know Brandon Reilly will use his 14+ years of experience and knowledge to properly clean each & every job.
  check box Reilly's Carpet Cleaning utilizes Hot Water Extraction (the preferred method by carpet manufacturers) using a custom box truck equipped with a powerful Hydramaster truck mounted cleaning system. This ensures a deep clean while still maintaining rapid drying times.
  check box At Reilly's Carpet Cleaning, the only cleaning solution we use is during the pre-conditioning phase. This works at loosing the soils so they can be easily rinsed & extracted. Leaving no residue behind. Some company's just run a cleaning solution through there machine with out following up with a proper rinse. This is what accounts for rapid re-soiling.
  check box The IICRC is the organization that sets standards in the cleaning industry. At the completion of the classes, a individual must take a test to complete certification. Brandon Reilly passed both the Carpet & Upholstery certification tests with a score of over 90% on each exam.
  check box Reilly's Carpet Cleaning maintains a A+ BBB rating. This helps give you the peace of mind knowing that if a problem does arise, it will be taken care of to the customers satisfaction.
  check box Reilly's Carpet Cleaning is fully insured and can provide certificates of liability if needed.

Please note when contacting us:

During business hours I am in customers homes most of the day and out of respect to the customer, I will not answer my phone so I can focus 100% on the task at hand & will do the same for you when performing any work. My wife now fields the calls, but has another full time job so is unable to answer the phone 100% of the time, but please make sure to leave a message with her (Katie: 716-679-4546) and she will return your call promptly. It's the only downside of being an owner / operated business but a necessary evil when quality is our #1 priority.

Thank you for understanding,
Brandon Reilly

Chem Dry redoLIMITED TIME ONLY!!! If you have had Chem Dry attempt to clean your carpets but are not satisfied, please call us. We will clean 1 room FREE of charge and show you the amount of Chemicals and soil they have left in your carpet. More details can be found here.

<---This picture was taken of a job I did where ChemDry cleaned the carpets only 3 months prior. There was so much of their cleaning chemical left in the carpet that I had to shut my equipment down for a minute to add defoammer because my waste tank filled up with foam. The chemicals they felt behind made the carpet tacky and acted like a magnet for dirt & dust. This is what accounts for rapid re-soiling after carpets have been improperly cleaned. So much for their claim that no residue left behind!!!

We service the following communities:

Minimum Charge
Fredonia, NY $115.00
Dunkirk, NY $115.00
Van Buren Bay, NY $115.00
Brocton, NY $115.00
Portland, NY $115.00
Westfield, NY $125.00
Mayville, NY $295.00
Bemus Point*, NY $320.00
Chautauqua*, NY $350.00
Lakewood*, NY $395.00
Cassadaga, NY $125.00
Sinclairville, NY $275.00
South Dayton*, NY $395.00
Cherry Creek*, NY $395.00
Forestville, NY $175.00
Hanover, NY $175.00
Silver Creek, NY $125.00
Sunset Bay, NY & Hanford Bay, NY $125.00
Angola, NY $275.00
Irving, NY $225.00
Farnham, NY $295.00

Please note that the farther away from the Dunkirk and Fredonia area, the higher the minimum charge will be. This is to help cover the extra time and gas costs that we incur. If you live a distance from us, see if your neighbors or near by family members would also like to schedule our services. The more work we have in your area on a particular day, the more flexible we can be with pricing.

*These town are outside our service area but we will still setup bigger cleaning jobs in these locations that can offset our travel costs.