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Services Reilly's Carpet Cleaning offers

Carpet Cleaning

We utilize the hot water extraction cleaning method. This method is often referred to as steam cleaning. This is the preferred cleaning method by almost all carpet manufacturers. We use a very powerful truck mount cleaning machine that is able to produce water temperatures of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and has enough vacuum power to have the carpets dry in as little as one hour.

Our procedure consists of the following to achieve clean carpets that won't leave a residue that causes rapid re-soiling.

  1. Inspect carpet for trouble spots & stains
  2. Pre-vacuum& remove any larger debris
  3. Pre condition carpet with our highly effective pre conditioner. (This starts to break down the soils to allow for extraction)
  4. Groom the carpet to agitate the preconditioner to maximize its effectiveness
  5. Rinse & Extract: The only solution we run through our machine is a fiber rinse that rinses & neutralizes the pre conditioner then extracts it from the carpet leaving the carpet soft & residue free. *

*Many cleaners do not rinse. They often run a heavy detergent through their carpet wand but with out rinsing it, it is left in your carpet and will attract soil (I guess they just want repeat business, but that's not how I operate.) We all know that when soaps dry, they are slightly tacky and the same principle apply's hear. Compare it to doing laundry. Would you wash your cloths with out running a rinse cycle? Of course you wouldn't and you shouldn't allow cleaners to clean your carpet with out doing a proper rinse either.



Upholstery Cleaning

We offer upholstery cleaning for many types of fabric. We clean couches, love seats, recliners, dining room chairs, and much more. The upholstery tool we use is the best on the market. It wasn't cheap, but the best never is. It allows us to clean the most delicate fabrics with out having to worry about browning due to over wetting. It is a jet less tool that doesn't push water down into the fabric. Instead it runs it across the surface and is immediately extracted allowing the fabric to be dry in as little as 20 minutes. Please call 716-679-4546 for more information.


Oriental and other delicate area rugs

Since our upholstery tool is so great with delicate fabrics, we often use it on rugs like the braided one pictured and on oriental rugs. This is a lot more labor intensive since I have to be on my hands & knees for extended periods of time, but it ensures a thorough& proper cleaning while not harming the piece being cleaned. The pre-conditioner we use is also specially designed to be safe on natural fiber rugs such as wool. It has a neutral pH and will not cause bleeding and browning.



Vehicle Interior Upholstery Cleaning- Please accept our apologizes as we no longer offer this service.


Ceramic Tile / Hard Surface Cleaning

Our tile & grout cleaning service utilizes the high pressure and vacuum that our truck mounted cleaning system can archive. We first apple a tile cleaning solution to the tile & grout, then we brush the solution into the grout lines and allow it to dwell for 10-15minutes. We then use our special tile cleaning tool that allows use to archive up to 1,000 PSI without spraying water every where. It is self contained and has two jets that spin, essentially power washing the tile surface & grout lines, rinsing & neutralizing the tile cleaner we applied. All of the cleaning solution and rinse are then immediately is extracted leaving the tile almost dry. (See picture)



For more information on our services, please call (716) 679-4546 or email me at: Please note that emails will only be answered in the evening since we are primarily a mobile business.