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*(Delays of 2 hours may occur if we are out in the field)

About Reilly's Carpet Cleaning

My name is Brandon Reilly & I'm the owner / operator of Reilly's Carpet Cleaning. I have been with the company almost 14 years. I worked for Coughlan's Carpet Cleaning for 6 years before purchasing the business from Jack and Jim Coughlin in June 2008. I continue to offer excellent service at great prices. If you had Coughlin's Carpet Cleaning clean your carpets from 2002-2008, I am the guy that did 95% of the cleaning for the Coughlin's during that time frame.


We our fully insured and have a multi-million dollar liability policy that should meet any commercial work requirements. We also maintain a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can check our rating at the BBBs website here.


A NOTE ABOUT OUR OWNER / OPERATED BUSINESS. PLEASE READ ---> Since I am a owner operator business, sometimes during the day I am not able to answer the phone when I'm on the road or cleaning in a customers home. Please note that both business lines get forwarded to cell phones & I do have my wife helping me with calls, but she has a full time job and can only check messages through out the day (But is excellent at getting back to people as soon as she's available.) I understand that when you call you want to talk to someone right away, but since I am primarily a mobile business I will not answer the phone when driving. Please leave a message so we can get back to you as soon as we are available. Thank you for understanding our situation,,

Brandon (TXT: 672-9226) & Katie Reilly (CALL: 679-4546)

If you are interested in setting up an appointment or have any questions about carpet cleaning, please call us at:(716)-679-4546