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Hand written Testimonials:

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Hi! Thank you very much. The carpets look FANTASTIC! We'll be calling again in October. We'll be
moving into a house.

Many thanks again for all of your hard work.


Some alt text


Thank you for doing such a beautiful job!
You really do go over & above what you should have to do!!
Sorry we weren't home to help you, but it looked like you managed just fine and thanks for locking up when you left
Could we schedule next summers cleaning for ----------------- or whatever time you can.
Let me know sometime if thats ok

Thanks again!

2nd Testimonial

What a tremendous improvement. Thanks for all of your extra care

-Barb & Lee

3rd Testimonial


Nice Job!!

Thank you very Much!


4th Testimonial

Thanks Brandon!

Everything looks great as usual!!

Let's schedule next years cleaning
for end of August- how about the 26th or 27th. Let me know-

Thanks! Barb

5th Testimonial

Great job Brandon!

-Dave & Nancy

6th Testimonial


Thank you for a nice job!!


7th Testimonial


The carpets look great! Thanks for getting us in at such late notice!

8th Testimonial


Thanks for a really nice job!!


9th Testimonial

To Reilly-Coughlin Cleaners,

I was and still am very impressed by your rug cleaning service. The rug cleaning you did at -----------(my former home) was so very excellent.


*The rest of the letter is not shown because it contains personal information about mailing address and payment of invoice.

10th Testimonial

Thanks so much for Taking of the floors @ *** Temple.
As always you brought them back to life


11th Testimonial

Thanks Brandon
We really appreciate everything you did for us.

-Hank & Sylvia