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Cleaning information

I would like to use this page to help explain more in depth the multiple services we offer and what we do differently that separates us from the heard.

I will be posting articles I've written over the past few years to help you make an informed decision when hiring a cleaning professional to come into your home and give a heads up of some pitfalls to avoid.

What to consider when getting your carpets cleaned:

Do it yourself.
I am a big fan of DIY, but I'm also absolutely against cleaning an entire room with a Rug Doctor or other home unit. These units are great to have on hand for spills, pet accidents or general spot cleaning but when trying to clean an entire room, these units have a tendency to put down way more water & solution then they're able to extract. This will result in excessive drying times along with the risk of mold & mildew growth. Please don't risk causing thousands of dollars in damages by using these machines on large areas. Think I'm exaggerating? Click to read a story that shows the damage a tenant did to a landlords apartment by using the Rug Doctor. The image alone is all you really need to see. Rug Doctor mess

The Cheapest guy on the block...

Carpet cleaning hack

-WARNING!! Choosing the cleaning company with the lowest price without considering other factors may lead to someone like this showing up on your doorstep. To make your sure this doesn't happen to you, I've compiled a simple checklist that you can use to help you make the right choice when hiring a cleaning professional to come into your home.

Knowledge is power & I've tried to offer as much information pertaining to the cleaning industry as possible to prevent consumers from choosing a company based purely on price. It is unfortunate, but there are companies out there that don't have morals and will try to bait & switch along with other questionable sales tactics.

I've spent a lot of time creating this site not just to get more business, but to inform the consumer about the flooring & upholstery cleaning business. Even if you don't decide to hire us to perform the work you need done, I hope at the very least to help you to make an informed discission when hiring a company to come into your home to take care of your cleaning needs.

Our company has been in business since 1985. I've been cleaning carpets since 2002 & have owned the business since 2008. I stand behind every job I do & will always go the extra mile to make a lasting impression.

See what our customers think.

...But bigger isn't better: Why brute force carpet cleaning doesn't yield better results

3 User Machine

There are cleaners out there that have huge machines designed for multiple operators, but instead of having a crew of 2 or 3, it's just one guy. Then they use these machines as an excuse to do rush jobs & charge a ridiculous rate because they spent over $100K on their truck & machine. Don't fall victim to the scam. Read more HERE

Don't use ChemDry

I know it may seem like I'm being negative here, but ChemDry is the only circumstance where I feel obligated to specifically mention a company & warn the consumer of their tactics. I know I'm probably crossing some sort of line, but I can no longer stand by while they continue to push their smoke & mirrors. For decades they have duped the consumer into thinking that their method is superior. Well it's not & carpet manufactures don't recommend it either. I've also done my fair share of cleaning up after these guys. I hate to throw anyone who works for a living under the bus, but they are just bad. If you're ChemDry & reading this.. don't get mad. Just do better & take some pride in your work. Read more HERE

Who you should hire

Well now your probably saying, "OK Brandon, you told us what not to do. What should we do?"

Hire Reilly's Carpet Cleaning of course!

Kidding aside, just do due diligence. I've compiled a lot of information on our site to help you make an informed discission when hiring a professional. Below is a link to the Better Business Bureaus website with our A+ rating so you can check it out for yourself.

Reilly's Carpet Cleaning BBBs A+ rating here.

We've also posted some thank you letters we've received over the years to show you what our customers thinks of our work. It's always nice to receive a hand written thank you. You can see them HERE on our TESTIMONIALS PAGE.

Also check out the page that shows the type of equipment we use. From the trucks down to the attachments. Click HERE for more info.

Common carpet cleaning myths

Below I've listed some common myths & misconceptions about the caret cleaning industry

The 1st pertains to the frequency of cleanings. Many people have heard that once you get your carpets cleaned that they will get dirty quicker.

This is true when cleaned by technicians that clean the carpet without properly doing a rinse. Unfortunately they have left a poor impression on the industry as a whole. At Reilly's Carpet Cleaning, our main cleaning agent is applied during the preconditioning phase. We only run a FIBER RINSE solution that neutralizes the pH of the carpet to prevent rapid resoiling. When cleaners only run a cleaning solution with out this rinse step they are leaving cleaning solution residue in your carpet. When the carpet dries, it then becomes slightly tacky. Tacky carpet will then attract soil much more quickly. At Reilly's there is only clean carpets left behind.

How frequently should I get my carpets cleaned?

Carpet manufacturers recommend that you have your carpets cleaned every 12-18 months. If you have a STAIN MASTER carpet, did you know it's REQUIRED to have your carpets PROFESSIONALLY cleaned to maintain their fiber retention warranty within 12-18 months of date of installation regardless of soil level.

This is mainly due to the fact that by the carpet starts to look dirty, damage is already being done to the carpet fibers. Dirt is abrasive, and when being rubbed against fibers, especially in traffic lanes, the fibers will start to get scratched and start to reflect light differently. This is why over time you'll end up with dull looking traffic lanes. This damage is permanent and can't be undone, so it's always better to keep up on a regular cleaning schedule. Ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.