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Rug Doctor is Closer to Rug Killer

Thinking of renting a Rug Doctor to clean your carpets? Please read this page before making your decision.

When you clean your carpets with a rug doctor, you really have to be careful on how you use it. These machines just don't have enough vacuum power to adequately dry the carpets. They are OK for spot cleaning, but please don't try to clean a whole room with one.
We recently got called out to a rental property where the tenant used a rug doctor in an attempt to clean the carpets before moving out. His intentions were good, but the landlord called us a couple days after the tenant moved out indicating there was an odor coming from the carpet. When we arrived we noticed the carpet was wet and here is what we found under the carpet & pad:
Rug Doctor Mess
The Rug Doctor put down so much water & soap it went through the backing of the carpet, the pad & left a water ring on the sub floor. The carpet & pad were a loss & we treated the floor with a microbial solution to inhibit any mold or mildew growth.
These units do not have the vacuum power necessary to extract the water they put down. I'm not going to completely oppose the home units like the Rug Doctor. These units are fine for spot cleaning (If you take your time). Please don't try to clean an entire room however with these units. The picture says a thousand words. You will do more harm than good.

Before renting a Rug Doctor, think over the following points before making a decision:

-The cost of renting a unit and purchasing the cleaning chemicals isn't that much less than having us come in to do the job.
-You have to also put a price on your time. To prevent damaging your carpet your going to have to spend at least an hour per room. You must spend that time to try to extract the amount of water these units put down. Having us come in to do the job will free up your time so you can tackle other items on your "Hunny-Do" list.
-Your risking mold and mildew issues because of the long dry times & mold remediation can easliy run into thousands of dollars.

Brandon Reilly - Owner / Operator of Reilly's Carpet Cleaning