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Reilly's Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Here we show you what kind of cleaning machines we use.

Reilly's Custom Box truck

Ford E350 Custom Cleaning Truck front

I keep all of my most used tools stored in the back of the box truck to reduce number of times I climb into box truck. Trust me, it gets hard on the knees after a 12 hours shift.

Ford E350 Custom Cleaning Truck

This is what our truck mount looks like up close.

HydraMaster Boxxer 421

This truck mount is the most popular truck mounted cleaning system in the industry because it's reliable, fuel efficient and most of all, it can handle any size job.

Our faithful Prochem Performer 405

Prochem Performer 405

This machine is currently being rebuilt because it was such a good unit. I should be able to get another 10,000 hours out of it once it's refurbished to like new condition. This is being installed in another box truck in the Summer of 2016.

Tools of the trade

Hydramaster RX-20

Hydramaster RX-20

We do have a Hydramaster RX-20 rotary extractor, but it sees limited use. Trust me, these machines cost over $3,000 new and I don't think it can compete with a $600 wand. These machines are good in certain commercial situations, but I've found that the standard 4-6 Jet carpet wand performs much better with residential carpet & most times on commercial carpet.

Part of the reason is that the RX-20 tends to cast some overspray & often over wet the carpet resulting in much longer drying times. It can actually be too aggressive to some carpet fibers. It's spinning motion can also tend to send some debris on the floor onto an area that's already been cleaned.

It's just another tool in our cleaning tool box. If & when we need it, it's there.

Prochem Wand

Prochem Wand

My go to cleaning tool. The standard 4 jet Prochem wand is what we use on residential carpet & most commercial Hot Water Extraction jobs. It provides excellent results without over wetting the carpet.

Saphire Upholstery Tool

Upholstery tool

This upholstery tool is excellent for cleaning delicate upholstered fabrics. It also works good on hand made Oriental & Persian rugs. Yeah, I have to be on my hands & knees but those rugs we're made with care and are worth it.